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Sep.12           2023               Congrats! Xudong was awarded for a research award at the MBS-Moffitt reception ceremony. 

Aug.23          2023               Dr. Ye was awarded an R21 grant from NIEHS institute to study the red tide blooms.

Aug.7            2023               Welcome our new Ph.D. student Wenkai Sun and MS student Seth Brady-Johnson.

Jul. 1             2023                Dr. Ye was awarded a grant from Florida Breast Cancer Foundation to investigate triple negative breast cancer.

Jun. 1            2023               Welcome our lab first postdoc fellow Natasha Jaiswal from Dr. Carsten Hoffmann's lab since established.

May 5           2023               Congrats! Aidan was awarded for Graduate Teaching Assistance excellence award.      

Apr. 1            2023               Dr. Ye was awarded with the 1st R01 grant from NIH.  

Mar.10          2023               Congrats! Our manuscript to Nature Communications was published.

Aug.24         2022               Congrats! Our manuscript to the journal of Structure was accepted. 

Sep. 27         2021               Congrats! Our manuscript was published in EST and selected as a cover story.

Jul. 7             2021               Congrats. on Wenjie's success for her MS defense!-Well done!   

Jun.10           2021               Dr. Ye served as a member for the NIH study section MSFC.    

Feb 22          2021               Dr. Ye served as a session chair for the 3rd International Conference on Pharmscience Research & Development                               

Feb. 20         2021               Congrats. on Wenjie and Xudong for their paper published in Bio-protocol.

Dec. 28         2020              Congrats. on Xudong and Wenjie for their paper published in Bioconjugate Chemistry.

Nov 2            2020              Congrats. on Xudong and Aidan for their paper  published in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. 

Aug. 7           2020              Aidan McFarland joined the lab in the pursuit of Ph.D degree.

Jul. 31           2020              Dr. Kun Yan finished his visiting. Wish the best for his career!

May 1.           2020              Dr. Ye was funded by NSF RADPID program in collaboration with Dr. Zhong from Engineering.

Feb 1.            2020              19F equipped Bruker Neo600 NMR is online for using.

Jan 18           2020              5L fermentor was eventually on-line for using.

Nov.27          2019               Sheetal passed the Oral Exam for NT-MS program. Congrats.!!!

Nov17-23,    2019               Dr. Ye visited Harvard Medical School

Nov.              2019               Eric Aalo from Department of Medicine (USF Health) joined the group.

Aug.              2019               Wenjie Zhao from University of Toronto joined the group

Jul,                2019               Dr. Kun Yan from Xi'an Jiaotong University joined the group

Jun.               2019               Dr. Ye was awarded with USF Nexus Initiative Awards in collaboration with Prof. Maofu Liao from                                                                                                         Harvard Medical School.

May 7- 13,    2019                Dr. Ye attended Cold Spring Harbor Conference held in Suzhou, China.

Feb,              2019                NT-Master student Sheetal Vasoya joined the lab

Nov. 5.          2018                Dr. Ye joined the CMMB department at USF from University of Toronto



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